Beau Lotto

Beau Lotto

Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur of Perception
Keynote Speech

Dr. Beau Lotto, is a Professor of neuroscience, author and entrepreneur. He is a three-time main stage TED speaker (with over 7,000,000 views). He is author of two books: Why We See What We Do’, and ‘Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently’.

He has spoken at the G8, Google’s Zeitgest, Wired and contributed to many television and radio documentaries by the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix and PBS. Lotto is the CEO and Founder of the sound-based AR company Acoustigram, and Director of The Lab of Misfits LLC, a neuroperception studio. He and his group have worked with organizations as diverse as Cirque du Soleil, L’Oreal, Charles Koch Foundation, BCW Public Relations and The London Science Museum.

Lotto believes world is changing, and we must change with it if we are to thrive. The biggest barrier to change is perception. This is because perception underpins everything it is to be you, from the clothes you wear and the people you fall in love with. As a leading international neuroscientist who studies perception, Beau seeks to employ the principles by which the brain sees to enable individuals and organisations to see differently and thus become more adaptable in a changing world.

This is not second-hand information. Everything he will share was discovered by his Lab of Misfits. By being grounded in his lab’s own research, his proprietary method unlocks meaningful insights that drive adaptability, creativity and innovation. By breaking down the walls of the traditional laboratory and studying humans in their natural habitats, his Lab of Misfits has created measurable, interactive insights that inform and transform.

The audience will leave knowing why that the greatest fear is uncertainty, which both motivates and blocks change. They will also leave with the desire to step into that very place, and the tools to do so. In the very least, they will leave seeing themselves and the world differently. This is important, since innovation does not begin and end at work, it is a way of being that is relevant to every aspect of our life. The approach is casual, approachable, and interactive, challenging, stylish and contrarian.